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Douban is blocked, are you satisfied?

In the traditional culture of India, women are not a place.

Indian prognosis: “Daughter is like watering the courtyard of others.”

This is the same as the water that is a water that is poured out of the woman.

For the current development phase of India, the entire society is still filled with men and women’s concept.

Today’s India, the capital New Delhi also hangs the name of “rape”.

It is said that India has a rape case every 20 minutes.

But the world is often the case, where there is oppression, where there is resistance.

For example, the new era in this Indian movie Indian women are struggling –


“Inmature English” is directed by female director Gao Ri Castty, is a warm motivational route.

The film did not have a sound, but the exquisite and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle and gentle of women.

It is a good movie that is the easiest to overlook, but it is very good.

Douban score 8.3, preferably 92% comedy, 86% of the housekeeping.

The female master was played by the famous Idol movie star of India – Hilita jade.

Ji Li Dai, the light is this name.

And she is, is indeed a beautiful woman with typical Indian women.

That pair of big eyes, beautiful suffocation.

High-picked figure, beautiful curve, like an angel falling into the world!

Unfortunately, two years ago, she was killed in the bathtub, and she was 54 years old.

We can only appreciate her beautiful appearance on the movie screen.

When Shili Dai Yu is in the “Indian English”, it is nearly 50 years old, but it is still beautiful.

It is also because of beauty, Shati will not speak English, and marry a husband who speaks English.

Speaking English, it seems that it is not important.

But in India, this is an important sign of social grade.

I will speak English, meaning that I have received good education means that I have noble.

Sali will not speak English, meaning that her origin is not expensive enough.

In the huge concept of India, even in the family, she has also received inequality.

Nothing to say, the outsiders seem to be very happy and happy.

She has a good husband, and two cute children.

She doesn’t have to work hard, do a housewife at home.

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Moreover, she can have a restless, doing the dessert she likes to do – Ladu ball, and make a small business.

What is the beautiful life is not satisfied?

Sometimes, the hurt is in an viy 2 journey to china invisible.

When a family is talking together, she speaks “Jazz Dance” as “Kazette” because I don’t speak English, and I will laugh at my family.

When I want to go to the parents, my daughter is disappearing her without English.

She and the teacher chatted with a Hindang, but her daughter still thinks that she doesn’t speak English and a lot of temper.

When the husband showed off her high-top cooking, she accidentally showed a prejudice to her, saying that she is “born to do Ratu ball.”

She and her family have no common language, and their families have intentionally expose their disrespects to her.

It is a little bit of this drop, so she deeply stab.

Just like a daughter in New York, New York, she first went to New York alone and began a strong road.

She has never been out of the distance, and I will go abroad for the first time.

The first time, it is always unique.

She saw the bustling of New York.

She also feels embarrassment of English.

She went to a coffee shop in the street to order it, because the English is not good, delayed for a long time, being treated by the clerk.

Finally, she did not know what they were measures, accidentally knocked over someone else’s food, but he had to flee.

For the first time, it is inevitable that there will be “cultural shock” feelings.

And because you don’t speak English, you can’t make such a joke, and I have to have more difficulties.

Pain, pain, she took advantage of five weeks of the United States, reported a surrounding English course class.

Here, she met a group of English is not good, but I want to work hard to improve my own foreign land.

There is also a French little brother who is in love with her, quickly launches her offensive.

I want to ask her to drink coffee.

Your own home is in the opposite direction, still insisted to send her a road.

When she is sad, she encourages her.

When the teacher questioned this class, when you like, he replied: “Sali.”

On the rooftop, it is gentle to override her hair.

French gentle, sister skills are full.

This is also true that Shazu is moving, she caught chaos.

Sals is a traditional Indian woman, she has classical virtues, but she also yearning for freedom.

Just like in her traditional Indian Sally, her inner is full of struggle.

As a married woman, she has her own family and responsibility.

As a housewife that is not respected, she is eager to appreciate each other.

Like the housewife in the “Dream of the Bridge, Sali met the man who may change her life.

Is it the choice of love or a family? This is a question worth thinking.

However, she hasn’t been to think fine, and her life has just been turned back, she is pulled back to the trajectory of marriage.

Her family also came to New York.

However, she still sticks to the English course for a day.

However, because she didn’t watch it in time, her son fell unexpectedly in the street.

This is a little thing, let her blame.

This matter also makes her determined to do the mother of the child and do a housewife.

She still did not pursue a vigorous love, but she chose to return to her family.

Family, in her heart is the first important.

After all, she learned English, but also to win the respect of their families, in order to maintain the balance between the family.

Respect, it is more important than love.

Without respect, love is empty talk.

The so-called love is to first “self love”, will be “love” will win respect.

After a period of study, her English is very big, and she finally has the ability to talk to her family.

At the wedding in the outside, she gave a speech from my newlyweds and said her voice.

Marriage is the great friendship between two equality people.

Life is long, there will be a strong dispute between husband and wife, there will be when you feel your feelings, is this marriage to end?

Shatu’s answer is: no.

In this case, you have to help yourself.

Family should be “the only place you can always find love and respect.”

Shazi, let the family who did not know how to respect her family were deeply thought.

When the family caught in the crisis, she did not choose the grievances, and did not choose against the next, but using her own ability to prove that she has won the respect of the respect.

She is really a model of new women with free independent ideas!

Dedicated to the size of girls, happy holidays

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MLB: World Series championships won by team 1903-2021

The New York Yankees are one of the most recognisable and valuable sports brands on the planet, no doubt in part due to their success on the baseball field. The New York franchise has won the World Series championships a record 27 times, with their closest rivals in terms of titles, the St. Louis Cardinals, having lifted the trophy 11 times. However, the Yankees fans have been starved of success in recent years as the team’s last World Series title came back in 2009.

Baseball in North America has a long history, dating back at least to the 1850s, when it was already referred to as the national game or national pastime. In the late 1800s, the National Association of Base Ball Players, the sport’s first governing body, was formed in the New York area. Today, Major League Baseball (MLB) is the governing body of professional baseball in the United States and Canada, uniting two leagues — the American League (AL) and the National League (AL), each with 15 teams and three divisions. Every October, the winners of each league championship series meet in order to play the MLB World Series, the most important event of the baseball season.

The Yankees, who play in the American League East, were established in 1901 under the name The Orioles maillot de foot pas cher in Baltimore and were rebranded in 1913 in New York. The New York Yankees are the most valuable franchise in Major League Baseball. As of 2021, the team’s brand value is estimated at some 5.25 billion U.S. dollars, far ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers in second place with a value of 3.57 billion U.S. dollars. The Yankees play their homes games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx area of New York City. The stadium has a capacity of just over 47 thousand for baseball games and the average attendance for a Yankees game during the 2019 season stood at just under 42 thousand. As a result, a total of 3.3 million spectators passed through the gates of Yankee Stadium across the season, a decrease from the 4.3 million fans who enjoyed the games live during the 2008 season.

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Maillot Chicago White Sox

Can Wu Lei’s ability to reach La Liga level, and don’t reach why I still stick to it?

Wu Lei is the only player in China in the Five Leagues. It is currently nothing, but Wu Lei’s situation really can’t be proud, or what honor sense, why? Because Wu Lei seems to be in La Liga, or because there is Chinese capital, the Chinese market has the opportunity to play in La Liga, not because there is this strength to play the ball in La Liga.

At present, Wu Lei is already a substitute player in Spain. Look at Wu Lei’s data in La Liga, wearing a jersey on La Liga, wearing a jersey, La Liga participating in 32 games, including 12 replacement 12 sklep pilkarski games, only 4 goals, no assists, European League participated in 6 games, 3 games, 3 games, 3 games, 1 assists, other events like the Kings and other events 47 times, I have contributed 8 balls 1 assists, this is Wu Lei in Spain Data over two seasons.

Some people asked, there is 20 teams in La Liga. If there is any front of Wuxi, there are so Liverpool dresy many times, the first time, the data is still so bad, there are many, the first more than 20 games or near 20 players, For example, the three strikers in Evar, the number of goals, 6, 5, especially Enrick, and 4 of the goals, and four in the goal. Royal Betis’s Igrecias, almost the same number of deaths with Wu Lei, into 3 assists 2, Baldolid’s Eunal also entered 6 balls. At least 12 players in La Liga were started more than 20 times, and the goals were not more than 6.

There are so many main strikers, don’t make a ball, do you mean that Wu Lei is not too bad, just in contrausence, whoscored La Liga player is released this season, Wu Lei’s score is just 6.35 points, this score is Concept? This rating is based on the status of the player or the total score made by the contribution, which belongs to the performance of the field, and Wu Lei score in the Spanish team is only 18th. There is only 11 first hair, but the score is 18, think about it, know how to behave. There are no longer, and each game has a racing score, while Wu Lei’s first 20 games, Wu Lei’s Whoscored score is often in the last few.

A few players who have said before and martial arts that are almost 6.6 points before, and even the Royal Betis’s Igresias has reached 6.82 points. They are not the first few in the team. But all the first 11, with the first.So it can be clearly seen that Wu Lei’s strength is not enough to stand in La Liga, and even hit the main force in the last drop of La Liga.

The downgrade of Spanish is not a person’s mistake, but when the avalanche, every piece of snow is not innocent, right, Wu Lei as the main striker is to bear a responsibility, even more than others. More.

Wu Lei has a lot of anecdote, after all, the Spanians have to downgrade, naturally, and the Premier League contact, where can Wu Lei be based in the Premier League? It must not be, Si La is delicate, the body is less exposed, telling the truth, Wu Lei has the shortcomings of all Chinese players, the foundation is somewhat, even if there is no physical contact, in the market, the ball can not do it very well, What’s more, in the case of a variety of barbaric collisions, let alone the super-super offensive rhythm is not the better, the requirements of the physical fitness are the highest in the five major leagues. If Wu Lei went to the English, it may not only eat, there will be no psychology. shadow. Not everyone can start in the Premier League in Premier League like Sun Jihai and Li Tie.

Can’t reach the strength, why is Wu Lei still have to leave the Ocean?

As a football enthusiast, for the current football environment, Wu Lei, who dares to give up the domestic high-paying overseas, seek more dreams, should get more respect! It is necessary to take this step itself from strength and strength, it has exceeded 99% of the players in China! Let us see the hope of Chinese football, knowing that there are players in China dare to go to the five major league, although the process is not satisfactory, but at least this courage is trying. Every player has its own dreams, go to Barcelona Huaman Mantan, maybe I go to the Five League is Wu Lei’s dream, then he is achieved.

The domestic football environment is really not very good, but for the players, at least it can get a very high salary, and Wu Lei is only 1 million euros in the Spanish annual salary, which is half a half in China. So, he uses more than its own football career, but also the payment of money, it is worthy of respect!

As for what honor, for the country, I think he should have this idea, but the strength is not reached, in fact, go to Xi Yi is not taste, at least a football is a promotion, which is better than in this stinky masonry. a lot of.

Welcome to praise, forward, comment …

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Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey
Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey

2-2! The European preliminaries broke out! European Cup eight strong suffering from weak travel, 26 years old

On September 1, Beijing time, the D group of the World Preliminary European district officially started, and the leading team is the team of two strength gaps, one of which is the European Cup of the European Cup, and another is Europe. Fiscar team Kazakhstan, said Kazakhstan is a fish, but they are only 124 in the world, they are a weak trip, but they are very tenacious in the game, and finally 2-2 It was the war of Ukraine, the European Cup, and got 1 point, which also made the European preliminaries broke the big door.

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After the game, Ukraine continued to launch an offensive. In the 2nd minute of the game, Ukraine achieved a fantastic opening, the team got a lead in the field, this lightning goal is in Ukraine, let them master it. Very large initiative. In the next game, Ukraine has firmly mastered the power of the ball, and constantly threatened the goal of Kazakhstan, but the Kazakhstan door will highly stream successfully defended the team’s goal, the first half competition Ukraine 1 -0 Lead Kazakhstan.

In the second half of the game, Kazakhstan began to Liverpool dres wear Ukraine’s defense lines, 74 minutes in the competition, Kazakhstan relied on the score of Warlin, as the European Cup eight teams of Ukraine, were miserable, Kazaka Desperate, they began to find opportunities, but they were all defensed by Kazakhstan.

In the competition, the wettle of the western cock once again pulled Ukraine again from the edge of the life and death. If there is no next screen, maybe such a goal can let Ukraine’s victory of the game, but this is not killing One goal of the dead competition. In the 96 minutes of the competition, the 26-year-old Warlin once again broke the gate of Ukraine, Warlin detske fotbalove dres completed the finals, his Kazakhstan’s weak tourism is a flat-Ukraine, 26-year-old teenow Warlin I also achieved a second degree of plum, and contributed a wonderful final.

Kazakhstan’s strength is not as good as Ukraine, their ranking is more like Ukraine, but for Kazakhstan, they have a heart that is not convinced. For the national football, this game is worth learning, hoping to face next to it. Among the Australian competitions, the national football can be like Kazakhstan, do not care, toughness is full.

Maglie Manchester United
Maglie Manchester United
Maglie Manchester United
Maglie Manchester United

India: Who lost Afghanistan, how to break?

great wall of china length

1. What kind of interest appeal in India in Afghanistan?

The first is the security interest. India hopes to play influence in Afghanistan government in Afghanistan, and maintain Indian national security, especially non-traditional security. Afghanistan and India are not adjacent to India. In India’s traditional security logic, the most important region of India is its surrounding countries. In history, India solves their surrounding security issues through politics, military and economic means, or shaping their surrounding countries. Political processes, maximizing Indian national security, can say that surrounding countries are the inner ring in the perspective of Indian national security strategy. The second level of safety concerns in India is the neighboring countries of their china share market surrounding countries, such as Pakistan’s neighbors, Afghanistan and Iran, according to India’s traditional “Mandala”, neighboring neighboring country is Indian natural ally, so we can Seeing that India and its surrounding countries have been more tense or have been nervous but later they have been shaped in India; the opposite is that the neighboring countries of their neighbors, or the neighboring countries, India’s relationship with these countries is compared Ok, such as Russia, Japan, the United States, etc. In this sense, India expects to develop well and Afghanistan bilateral countries, and its highest goal is to form a situation in the front and rear clamps of Pakistan. Of course, the highest goal is difficult to implement, its minimum goal is to expect to be able to negotiate Afghanistan, affecting the possibility of china mobile company reducing Afghanistan to become a terrorist nest, preventing Pakistan from threatening non-traditional security in Afghanistan. .

Indian mandala idea

The second is economic interests. India’s infrastructure in Afghanistan, corporate projects, educational institutions, and bilateral trade in India and Afghanistan are economic demand in India. According to some scholars, after the Taliban regime reversed, India has provided approximately $ 3 billion in Afghanistan. It is used in the development of projects, infrastructure construction and human resources development. India is one of the largest assistance in Afghanistan. Iron ore, assistance in Afghanistan. According to relevant media reports, India bilateral trade has reached 1.5 billion US dollars in 2019-2020, reaching 1.3 billion US dollars in 2020-2021, of course, this trade volume is not high from absolute numbers, but we can’t be from China. The scale of economies can understand India and Afghanistan.

The third is the image of the big country, which is the soft strength construction of India. India should have a relatively good image in Afghanistan through a foreign military economic cooperation with Afghan Government. But the problem is that we all know that as the United States dismantled from Afghanistan, the Taliban rolled back, the Indian Modi government had previously neglected direct dialogue with the Taliban, led to increasingly limited in the influence of Afghanistan. But India is actually a lot in the interests of Afghanistan, so some scholars call India in the state of Afghanistan, “high stakeholders” but low influence. Another reason for India’s participation in Afghanistan is to shape its big country. We know that India has always had a big complex. In the morning, there are experts mentioned, but the Indian strength is limited, and can only participate in the Afghanistan affairs in cooperation with other powers, causing India to become an edge in Afghanistan.

India Taj Mahal

2. What is the impact of the Afghan Mechanical Control on the Indian geopolitic environment?

(1) india china standoff latest Safety: The United States withdrew the army and the Taliban rolls to make India have a feeling that the Indian government has previously maintained treasure in the Afghan government. From the fact that India lacks a weight of Pakistan from a security perspective, Pakistan is now playing a major impact in Afghanistan, not India, India is not the periphery of the Afghan process, should be said to be edge melted. But can we say that India’s security environment is deteriorating? I don’t think it’s not necessarily, because India and Afghanistan have established a close strategic partnership, it is itself a brocade. But India is not so understandable that India may think that his security environment has deteriorated. Because of the actualistic perspective, the increase in opponents or influence is the deterioration of their china parliament name own safety environment. From this perspective, India’s geopolitic security environment has deteriorated.

(2) Economy: impact on the geo-economic change in the situation in Afghanistan, India is not great, because foreign investment itself is a risk, this risk does occur, the investment naught, it is only economic loss. In fact, from an economic level, the loss is not the most important investment, but the loss of interoperability. Because of the recent 2023, India also attaches great importance to developing relations with the five Central Asian countries, India’s relations with Afghanistan if stable, then India can build interoperability with Central Asian countries via Iran, Afghanistan, are more conducive to India’s ” connecting Central Asia “policy, but this way, once the loss of Afghanistan, on the left Iran, from this perspective, India’s geo-economic environment has deteriorated.

(3) Image (soft power): We know India since its independence determined to become a world power goal, whether or Nehru Modi, they have this ambition, but India’s quest for great power status is always India does not exist with the national power to match the contradiction, whether he wants to be the leading country in the Indian Ocean, he said he still wanted to be now often said that the “global leader in power,” India’s strength are lacking. In fact, change in the situation in Afghanistan once again exposed the incompetence of India’s national strength reality. In the peace process in Afghanistan, India has always been a peripheral position, can only rely on the United States and Russia to play a role; after changing situation in Afghanistan, the image of this great country of India severely damaged. In fact, I personally feel, Afghanistan, India is a nation in Waterloo,The only thing that could expose India to play an important influence in the South Asian region range in a narrow sense, just across the northern mountains or left the northern Indian Ocean, India’s influence are extremely limited. From this perspective, India’s international leadership image deteriorated, the only big country called India a regional or sub-regional.

3. India will be how to deal with change in the situation in Afghanistan?

(1) the bilateral level: from the bilateral level view, India will carry out direct communication and dialogue with the current Afghan government, but this effect can have much, very optimistic, because the image of India in Afghanistan, the Taliban is poor, not a friendly cooperation partner, or even a domestic political situation in Afghanistan showstopper. So India still have to continue the way by means of cooperation with major powers, but who is the object of his cooperation is it? The United States has a withdrawal, the withdrawal process in India has been published several times on Afghan peace talks stand, whether Modi, India’s ambassador to the UN Jaishankar or have had stand, India itself is to keep up with the United States to exert influence in Afghanistan, but now it seems India still have to cooperate with Russia. Because in Afghanistan, Russia looks more like a builder, not a destroyer, the United States will give India brings beneficial effects getting smaller and smaller.

(2) multilateral level: the other is from the multilateral level, India wants to reshape say on the issue of Afghanistan, to portray the role of participants as a key issue in Afghanistan himself. So we see India, November 10 to invite five of Russia, Iran and Central Asian countries held their first meeting on Afghanistan security. According to media reports India has also invited Pakistan and China, but Pakistan did not attend, because of China on the grounds that the agenda did not have time to participate. In fact we all know that we open the ninth plenary session Sixth, we do not have time to participate. But India certainly do not understand that we are uncooperative. But this is not important, it is important to change the bilateral relationship India, say behind us. After this security dialogue, Indian Prime Minister Modi raised the issue of India’s views on Afghanistan, mainly in four aspects: the first is that Afghanistan needs an all-inclusive government; the second is to take use of Afghan territory for terrorist organizations zero tolerance stand; third is the fight against drug trafficking and weapons from Afghanistan; the fourth is believed to address the growing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan more urgent.

Indian Prime Minister Modi

4. How to change in the situation in Afghanistan will affect India’s foreign policy?

(1) of the India-US relations: We all know that India-US relations in recent years has developed rapidly, and now it can be said Indian Prime Minister Modi and cabinet members are considered to be the core of the development of Indo-US relations, balance China’s influence. Although the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan to make India a very awkward time, but the thing itself does not affect India’s resolve to move closer to the United States. India has always been to develop relations with the United States is to pay less, and more benefit to take advantage of, so I personally thinkIndia lost the initiative is likely to Zhaobu back on other issues in Afghanistan, India-US relations still further development.

(2) of the Indo-Russian relations: If India is quite obvious to find 2020 between the United States and Russia balance, but since 2020 has been clearly seen in India can gradually sparse pro-US and Russia, such as India and Russia Annual Summit on no organized, to visit Pakistan in April this year after Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to India in July after visiting Russian Foreign Minister to visit Georgia India Jaishankar.Afghanistan may make India reflect a balance between the United States and Russia, India and Russia to repair relations. Because in Afghanistan, Central Asia, Iran, India, if it is difficult to completely alienate Russia to solve some problems.

(3) on the Sino-Indian relations: We know that since last year the conflict Galle Wan Valley, Sino-Indian relations as soon not recover relatively quickly as previously hole Lang confrontation. By year Jaishankar speeches and interviews such as speech, we can see now the Sino-Indian border issue, India is set to solve the primary problem Sino-Indian relations, Sino-Indian relations and other issues linked to, so the problem difficult to solve now. Now with the Afghan problem,Cognitive India to China is definitely more negative. If we say that China play a major role in Afghanistan, and India increasingly marginalized, and that India may continue to confront China on other issues, such as border trade, investment and so on, so In that respect, we also need to be considered. But on the other hand, this may also be a starting point for China to improve Sino-Indian relations, but ultimately depends on India how to do it.

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar

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"India manufacturing" Mercedes-Benz S-class do you dare to buy? The price is as high as 1.35 million yuan

For a few days ago, Lexus was announced by 110 million US dollars to initiate a hot discussion outside the inner circle. It is well known that Lexus is just a marginalized niche brand in the Indian market. Sales far can not reach zero heads in the domestic market. The lexas’s lexas naturally caused a domestic netizen to spit, and it has said that Lexus “eats outside”.

In recent days, the same thing is staged in the Mercedes-Benz S level, times of oman flight news according to overseas media reports, in order to reduce the price threshold in the Indian market, Mercedes-Benz will start production of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in India through CKD (dismantling assembly) . It is not surprised, it is not surprised, as the Mercedes-Benz flagship product, while representing the carrier of today’s most advanced technology, actually produced in this way in India, can’t help others.

agrigold latest news 2020

Today, “India Made” Mercedes-Benz S-class is also officially welcomed to launch two models, and announced the price of new cars, where S 350D model is 1.5.7 million India rupees, about 1.40 million; s 450 4MATIC is priced at 16.2 million India rupees, about 1.39 million yuan.

kashmir news

As a contrast, the introduction of imported version of the model S 400D 400D 400D 4MATIC was sold at an imported manner, approximately RMB 1.86 million, and the price threshold was reduced by 6 million India rupees, about 5.14 million yuan, equivalent to domestic A Mercedes-Benz E-class price. Of course, Mercedes-Benz S-class is such a high price, in order to protect local car brands, India imported cars have always had a high tariff.

Although there are also many domestic markets, although we have a lot of tariffs, the Mercedes-Benz S-class is 89.98-18.888 million yuan in China, and the price is low in the Indian market, and we are still in the German original import.

According to the new Mercedes-Benz S-class real train in India, the new car model has basically continued the design of Mercedes-Benz S-class, and there is no difference, but according to overseas media, it is not provided by Launch Edition and AMG kit models. And the new car only provides a new 19-inch wheel, so in the visual effect, “India manufacturing” Mercedes-Benz S-class gas field is not very strong.

In addition, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class in India continues to equip 12.8-inch central touchscreens and 12.3-inch digital duck disks, 64-color atmosphere lights, and seats with audio-controlled massage features.

In terms of power, S 350D diesel model maximum power 286 hp, peak torque 600 cattle · rice; S 450 gasoline model maximum power 367 horsepower, maximum torque is 500 cattle, the domestic S450 model is consistent, the transmission system, each match 9 Speed ??automatic gearbox.

In general, the Mercedes-Benz S level of “manufacturing” in India is basically self-produced, will not be sold to other regions through exports, even if it is really exported to other places, such a high threshold is equipped with India’s assembly Production process, I believe everyone does not dare to compliment, so we don’t have to worry about buying “Indian manufacturing” Mercedes-Benz S-Class. However, India’s production of Lexus is hard to say, but according to the concept of people who like imported cars, even in India is also fragrant.

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Teda Hongli India (QDII) (006105) Fund Net

21st third quarter
21st quarter
21st quarter
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19, 4 quarter
Stage increase
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Shanghai and Shenzhen 300
Similar lok sabha election 2019 newsranking

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Quarter rankingprega news kit test in hindi

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WTO (WTO) against Indian sugar export subsidies appealed to comply with international obligations

  Indian cane farm

  YNTW.COM Sugar Report This week, the Global Sugar Alliance meeting in London was held in London, chanakya news exit poll 2019 and the Global Sugar Alliance members urged countries to defend the multilateral trade system, reiterated to support Australia, Brazil and Guatemala in the world. Cases take action in trade.

  The 12th ministerial meeting of WTO achieved substantial progress in agricultural reforms – increasing market access, reducing distortion trade barriers, and supports canceling export subsidies. Strengthening the WTO (WTO) to restore the WTO resolution system, the WTO (WTO) against India’s sugar export subsidies, and call for India to comply with its international obligations.

  The WTO expert group in Australia, Brazil and Guatemala against Indian sugar export subsidy cases are generally expected. Greg Beashel, a Great Managing Director of the Global Sugar Co., Ltd. “It is very powerful for India’s sugar export subsidies. We msd retirement news look forward to its rapid solution. The sugar market does not require India’s sugar export subsidies.” He said, “We expect the expert group to ruling that there is a fundamental in India’s sugar system Defects, violates the commitment to India in the WTO, need to reform. “

  India decided not to vanguard news today provide sugar export subsidies for 2021/22 seasons, and accelerated its lack of sugar cane production ethanol, Global Sugar Alliance called this is a welcome preference, and calls for India to further terminate Its sugar export subsidies and reduces its excessive domestic sugar price protection support according to its WTO obligations.

  Eduardo Le O de Sousa, executive director of the Brazilian Sucrose Industry Association (UNICA, said we welcome India’s non-subsidized participation in the world’s sugar market. The Indian government, the Indian ethanol fuel distribution department and the sugar sector are facing major challenges in launching ethanol mixing routes. He said that with experience in the past 50 years, Brazil will continue to cooperate with India to carry out technical exchanges to ensure the success of the ethanol cbse news hindi line. Reduce greenhouse gas, will also help improve the air quality of the main city of India, “he said.

  Leopoldo Bola OS, Guatemalago Manufacturer Association (ASAZGUA) International Trader Leopoldo Bola OS encouraged India to comply with its commitment to WTO. “The World Sugar Market does not need another indian sugar subsidy to low prices, which will bring huge costs to the world’s most efficient sugar producer.”

  Sandra Marsden, chairman of the Canadian Sugar Association, said that the Indian sugar export subsidies, reducing the support of distorted trade, and gradually expanding the market access opportunities for the global trade system, in line with our interests of our owners.

  The Global Sugar Trade Reform and Liberal Alliance brings together 85% of sucrose exporters around the world. Global Sugar meerut latest news in hindi Alliance Members (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, South Africa and Thailand) are active advocates to improve the global sugar industry. Members work closely to ensure the operation of sugar and ethanol market in fairness and ethanol in the WTO agricultural negotiations.

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US ambassador has exposed home ugly, in the United Nations, the United States, US Gaster Jumping: It is a global news

After Biden came to the stage, he not only retained all sanctions on the implementation of the China in Trump, but also opened up a new battlefield in the field of human rights, and did dozens of Western countries have added new sanctions to China, attempted to pass rumors and Drawing the way, reaching the purpose of ourselves.

However, we all know that the biggest human rights infringed the country is just the US own, about this time I have listed countless iron certificates, and recently, even Americans also tokyo olympics 2021 latest news india in hindipublicly admitted this fact. According to the media 20th, the US Ambassador Greenfield, who was in Greenfield, was rarely exposed to the ugliness of the Human Rights Council.

She frankly, racism is not the problem of humanism, but the issue of this society, I have witnessed how to adhere to the sages of the slavery, how to edit the “white-to-middleism” into the United States, the United States, the founding document and principles of. This speech immediately triggered an uproar, many US media and politicians jumped out to accuse Greenfield’s criticism is too much, and even some extreme sounds ask her to resign bharat band news latest immediately.

In fact, Greenfield is known as one of the most outstanding black diplomats in the United States. She is clear what they are doing. When they say this self-criticism, it is actually just to accuse China’s paving, but very Obviously this trick “turns”.

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In the case of an interview, the US Secretary of State said that the above speech should be condemned because the United States is a “high-rise” place. He completely disagree with this “United States Jianguo” called a corruption and defective thing. What is more incredible is that the US Governments actually accused of Greenfield’s speech is Chinese media teaching, “Wall Street Journal” and even directly challenging the views of her from “Global Times”, what is the sashion No words.

Of course, the reason why the United States reacts is so strong, not because Greenfield is wrong, it is precisely because of telling the truth, let the American politicians are miami dolphins news angry. If they understand the history, they will know that the US Father Washington is a slave owner. There are hundreds of black slaves in his hand.

The issue of black discrimination against the old man talks, this is a matter of life, but more people don’t know that American society is more serious and worrying about Asian discrimination and violence.

According to data statistics, 2020 is more than 149% of Asian American hate more than 2019, and this year’s criminal act is more frequent, and the news of Asian migrants is constantly exposed, even the Secretary-General of the United Nations is not Condemn this kind of behavior. In addition, the US current vaccine has been very high, and the number of new crown diagnosis can be added to the daily new crown, and it is really not known to have a problem of vaccine, or the United States has a problem.

Domestic epidemics died of nearly 60,000 people who did not mourn and reflect, but they stared at the things of the country all day, and even clicked into fake news malicious. Speaking of fake news, the United States is definitely the world’s largest fake news manufacturing center, this logic is very understanding, Biden and Trump accuse each other to support each other’s media, then at least one is true.

Finally, it is necessary to explain that the American society has been completely made by Asian hate crimes, and American politicians and media are not spun China 24 hours a day, and the potentials that are out of control will go to us. Those extremists are not If you vent, take the Asian Knife, exacerbate the tear of the American society, so Washington eventually lifted the stone to smash his feet.

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china china china

"Don’t be confused! This is Beijing, not India"

surat airport news In recent years, as India’s development is getting faster and faster, India seems to be a bit floating, and it is beginning to think of a higher frequency in China and the United States, and even strive for Asia first in some areas Recently, India publicized the upcoming Asian major airports, but they had an indian embarrassment.

Will India will build the largest airport in Asia and publicize Beijing?

India has released the news. In the Northern State, the largest “Nouva International Airport” in Northern China, the airport will become a logistics portal and export center, bhasad newsand in 2024, the first phase of the project was completed, and the annual passenger traffic was 1.2 million. Of course, it can’t be said. So, in India’s people, while bragging, it also produced the publicity posters and videos of Nocad Airport, but they were seen by netizens.

I saw the publicity map of Indian politicians was the starfish plan of Beijing Daxing Airport. At the same time, the first 1-5 seconds in the propaganda film was still Beijing Daxing Airport, and the latter picture of India Airlines was connected. How to escape the eyes of netizens, so netizens in the tweet, the Satsuned Indian government epf 1995 pension latest news”The largest airport in India actually in China” “This is Beijing, not Indian” message also brush. These promotional materials have been deleted in the North Korea and India of public opinion.

The incident of the airport promotion map is not the Oolong, how can the official propaganda? How can I make such a low-level mistake? However, this is not the first time in India relying on “self-deception” to satisfy his vanity. Once China’s Indian health wad is refused to rent a giant panda, and India will apply black and white pigments to the zoo ‘s animals and hung up the panda in the entrance of the zoo. In order to show the strength of the Indian army, the Indian government will re-encapsulate the imran khan actor latest news Indian officers who have been hit by Pakistan and arrested into battle heroes. On the issue of China-Indian border, India is also to highlight its own strength. Hu complaining with a chaotic Chinese soldier, until China has taken a video, India has been smashed …

This indian self-deception is in almost every day. India is to have someone else through this forced boast. If India is through these things to enhance national confidence, it is better to do something practical, that is really Confidence, always so self-deception, just like jump beams.

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