Michael de Mare

Selected Publications

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Josh Cohen Benaloh and Michael de Mare Efficient Broadcast Time-Stamping Clarkson University Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Technical Report number TR-MCS-91-1, 1991

Josh Cohen Benaloh and Michael de Mare One-way Accumulators: A Decentralized Alternative to Digital Timestamps Advances in Cryptography -- Eurocrypt '93. 1993

Michael de Mare An Analysis of Certain Cryptosystems and Related Mathematics Masters thesis. SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome. 2004.

Michael de Mare and Rebecca Wright Secure Set Membership Using 3SAT Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Information and Communication Security (ICICS '06), 2006.

Michael de Mare. Iterative symmetric-key ciphers with keyed S-boxes using modular exponentiation. Patent application 12/051,626, 2008.

Michael de Mare. Secure Set Membership Using 3SAT, PhD thesis, Stevens Institute of Technology, December 2009.

Books People Tried to Ban

Michael de Mare. Post-Quantum Cryptography Using Complexity, PhD thesis draft, Dragonfire Cipher, Stevens Institute of Technology, February 2009.

Michael de Mare. The Russian Code, Lulu.com, 2011.

Michael de Mare. Conscience of a Cryptographer Lulu.com, 2012.

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